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NEUTE is the brand of uPVC window and door fabrication machine with the provision of excellent services like the prepare service of window and door machine which NEUTE will arrange complete set of machine to the entrepreneur. NEUTE also gives our customers the advices as well as recommending the right machine to the right purpose. Apart from product service,NEUTE  also provides delivery service, installation service, repair service which will replace or fix the damaged part or consumable part on site. NEUTE issues product and service warranty to all machinetoo. With these excellent services provided by NEUTE, this makes NEUTE became the most trusted brand of machine for uPVC window and door in these days.


With our management system which mainly emphasized on the satisfaction of our customer, NEUTE is therefore, focusing on the development of the machine along with the excellence in the provision of the service together. NEUTE provides inspection of old machine; prepare new spare part, along with long warranty to all machine spare part and accessories and delivery on site. For the damaged or broken part of machine, NEUTE will replace the new part and new consumable part with advises on which spare part to be used.


NEUTE expert engineer will calculate the correct amount and type of spare part to ensure that our customer will receive the highest quality and the right part to replacement and follow by advising for right maintenance. With this service provided by NEUTE will help our customers be able to know coverage amount budget that they would like to pay for machine damage and they can avoid and control it. The next service is the replacement of spare part after the inspection; our technician will list out the compulsory spare part for our customer to choose. All the replaced spare part will come with the 1-Year warranty. It is free-of-charge to the service that is still in warranty, and there will be charge for the service which is out of warranty.

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