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uPVC window & door 

uPVC window and door build from uPVC material ( uPVC - Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride)  invented as a material to replace all natural resource-based products, uPVC window and door consume only 1 in 14.5 times of the total steel production energy, and 1 in 8.8 times of the total aluminum production energy. Multi-Chamber structured in uPVC could reduce noise and heat temperature from outside the house. 

    uPVC window and door produced from high quality uPVC Profile named “PEONEK”, which was known as a the true German-Standard uPVC and was accepted by architect, interior designers, land developer, contractor, and end-user.

    uPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride which was the chemical combination between normal PVC and

other stabilizers like Heat Stabilizer, Light Stabilizer, Titanium Di Oxide (TiO2) and fillers. uPVC is however, stronger than normal PVC, provide longer lifetime from outdoor environmental usage without any damages occurred to the profile.


    uPVC was accepted and fabulous  in the construction market, it has been invented and developed to work as a replacement material for the use of natural resources like wood and aluminum. Invention and development of uPVC also based on the study of weaknesses of wood and aluminum e.g. uPVC is not a temperature insulated material, fire retard (self-extinguished), etc.

    uPVC products was invented as a material to replace all natural resource-based products to help the world we are living. uPVC was the mixture of right chemical compounds for better strength than normal PVC.


    Trees and Plants have been widely cut to supply some industrial demands also use in window and door business, even though people grow them to replace what have been cut but tree takes time to grow and replace unit is not cover all of tree that they cut. Aluminum is also facing the same problem, aluminum mines were closed place-by-place as no more mine available.

    Production of uPVC does not require any natural resources, uPVC window and door consume only 1 in 14.5 times of the total steel production energy, and 1 in 8.8 times of the total aluminum production energy. uPVC is 100% recyclable with the lowest on both energy and cost compared to what spent on the recycle of metal.

    uPVC window and door reinforced with C-Shaped galvanized steel. Galvanized Steel is the steel that use coating by zinc oxide to keep it from corroding. This process of coating gives the steel more durable, hard to scratch.


    Hot-dip galvanization is process of coating iron, steel with layer of zinc push metal in a bath of molten zinc at 460 °C like other corrosion protection systems, galvanizing protects steel by acting as a barrier between steel and the atmosphere, when a zinc galvanized coating is damaged and steel is exposed to the atmosphere, zinc can continue to protect steel through galvanic corrosion.

    Galvanized steel suite for countless outdoor, marine, or industrial applications, galvanized steel is an essential fabrication component.


    uPVC window and door is not heat insulated material this is  advantage beyond all metal materials which bring in heat from outside to inside the house. uPVC could reduce  temperature in the house, then house owner could save their power expense spent on air-conditioner. 

   By using uPVC Window and Door System,  heat will not be transferred through frame area because uPVC is non-heat insulated material. This can be tested by leave a sample of uPVC outdoor all day long, temperature of uPVC Sample surface only increase by 1 – 2 degrees while temperature of metal surface increased extremely high, unable to hold the sample with bare hands. 

The Heat Transfer Co-efficiency rate of uPVC is only 1/357 times of steel and 1/1250 times of aluminum. Refer to what have been tested, in summer, a room with uPVC Window and Door installed will have lower temperature around 4 – 5 degrees. uPVC as mentioned is a synthetic material without the use of natural resources, also consume less production and recycle energy by comsume only 1/14.5 times of steel and 1/8.8 times of aluminum.    uPVC window and door use multi-chamber structured. uPVC is seperated the frame into many rooms.

    With these multiple rooms or muti-chambers can reduce outside noise and temperature , as well as German standard. 


    uPVC window and door use fusion welding technology by NEUTE machine by joining corner of uPVC together by use heat over 250 degree to be ensure the the air and water colud not leak into center chamber to make reinforced steel  corrode.

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