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NEUTE machine is uPVC machine for fabrication. NEUTE is the machine that made for fabricate very complicated window&door system. uPVC window&door is one of the most complicated window&door system, so machine that can be support this difficult point have to smart and reliable. Moreover, NEUTE machine also provision on energy saving, durability, easy to use and low cost maintainance in order to reduce production cost for fabricator. NEUTE was exclusively imported and distributed by MATUV CO.,LTD. 
NEUTE is brand of uPVC machine for fabricate uPVC window&door, however NEUTE can also use with wood, steel, PVC, vinyl, and aluminum profile. NEUTE machine was designed by world class Hydraulic CNC and Pneumatic professional engineer.


NEUTE start develop machine tools to use in uPVC window and door fabrication since 1997. "NEUTE" combine of 2 German word which are "NEU" means "new" and "TE" mean "technique", when these 2 words come together "NEUTE" will stand for new technique or new technology which reply to intention of  NEUTE brand to bring new technology for better uPVC production which include of low consumption, environment friendly, and highest efficiency machine.



Advance production technology is use in NEUTE machine. Stability and reliability is the most important of NEUTE machine such as 2 double mitre saw for aluminum and PVC profile which require exactness measurement, so Digital scale meter was installed  in NEUTE machine which can measure  at 0.01 millimeters. If the question is how to get uPVC window&door machine that reliability, low power consumption and clean production, "NEUTE" is the answer. 

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