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NEUTE have many type of machine for customer to consider depend on suitable of each production type such as window&door single head variable-angle welding machine, Double mitre saw for aluminum and PVC profile, CNC PVC win-door corner cleaning machine with NC,  PVC profile auto water-slot routing machine, etc. NEUTE machine can cover all uPVC window&door task such as  casement door, casement window, awning window, Hung window, Sliding door, Sliding window, Roof task, Folding door, Canopy, Lacticce, Glass house, Skylight.
NEUTE also provide professional engineer service for support customer such as installation machine, training and maintainance. NEUTE provide annual training course since  2002 which train about 12 variuos type of machine at Bangkok Training Center in order to keep profession, collect data and problem occur while use machine for further improvement of next generation NEUTE machine.

NEUTE machine was developed to specially use in uPVC window&door fabrication so that NEUTE has proficient in uPVC business and understand problems that usually occur in uPVC production.

Hi -end materials were choosen to use in NEUTE. Delicated machine made NEUTE get worldclass standard certificate such as safety certificate from IQ NET and CQM, saving energy certificated by TUV Rhuinland

NEUTE Machine can produce very complicated section of uPVC window&door, so NEUTE machine is the answer of entrepreneur to satisfied variety need of their client with beautiful, durable, and smart system uPVC window&door.

NEUTE uPVC machine alway up-to-date with new high production technology. CNC system was attatched to NEUTE machine which can supported to CAD/CAPP/CAM programing. CNC in NEUTE machine can make uPVC window&door production easy, fast, and reduce waste uPVC profile in order to get higher profit for entrepreneur.

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